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Fashion Mannequin Tailor Drees Form Ideal For Professionals Dressmakers S M L


The Great Dressform Debacle aka how not to pick a dressformWe do not sell anything we do not carry in stock in the UK. Molded Form Type Measuring tools. Fashion mannequin tailor drees form ideal for professionals dressmakers s m l please get in touch for pricing. This will ensure your item is dispatched as… Read the full article

Ian Tyson Diversions XI 1970 Signed Silkscreen Limited Edition Art


Silk Screen Shop Inc Fire in Holland Ian tyson diversions xi 1970 signed silkscreen limited edition art minor creases in the margins or areas outside the printed area are not considered to be damaging to the item’s value. Call our customer service team to speak with a customer service representative. This item is in the… Read the full article